Common Concerns Home Inspections: An Introduction Video


So you think you've found the home of your dreams

But you need it checked out, just to be sure it's what it seems.

You don’t know who to call

You don't know who to trust

But you remember what your grandfather once told you

"A home inspection is a must"


So you get on goggle, you get on yelp

there are SO many options, you're gonna need some help.

You call up your agent, and who does she suggest?

"Common Concerns Home Inspections, you're gonna want the best!"


Pricing is fair, customer service is great

Scheduling is fast, because who likes to wait?


He comes with his ladders, he covers up his boots

He explains the home inspection process, and what it constitutes.

He likes to start up on the roof, finish up under the house

He takes plenty of photos, might even snap a mouse


And when he is done inspecting, he'll walk you through the home,

he'll show you things you might not have seen or maybe wouldn't have ever known


The next day he sends the inspection report,  

stuffed with information to increase your knowledge

So you can decide if this home is for you,

or maybe it should be demolished


So you need a thorough look-around, at a place you may reside

Give Common Concerns Home Inspections a call, an advocate who's on your side.

Andrew Watlon