CrawlSpace Assessment

  • Average Assessment Time: 30 minutes

  • Average Assessment Fee (2018): $115

  • Crawl Space Only Assessment: Includes the entry and visual assessment of the accessible areas of the crawl space and its components

  • Report: Post-assessment digital report is provided to document findings

  • CrawlSpace Assessment Can Identify: access issues/obstructions, standing water, debris, foundation support issues, blocked ventilation, water pipe leaks, missing insulation, electrical hazards, rodent activity, mobile home specific issues


Ideal For:

  • A Smelly Crawl Space: A well-ventilated crawl space without sewer leaks and rodent activity shouldn’t smell funky, something is going on

  • An Open Crawl Space: An unsecured entry to the crawl space is an open invitation for the local wildlife, which can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage

  • The Average Homeowner: Most homeowners have never opened the cover to their crawl space let alone crawl around the perimeter of the foundation

Maybe I should have you inspect the entire home.