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You have concerns about your home; otherwise, you wouldn't be here. We want to help ease those concerns. 

  • Objective Inspections

  • Digital Reports with Plenty of Corresponding Photos

  • Industry Leading "On Time Promise"

  • Properly Trained, Licensed, And Insured

  • Post Inspection Walk Though, Explained in Layman's Terms

  • Buyer, Seller, General Maintenance Inspections, and More

  • Specializing in Pierce County Homes

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Liz B.

Highly knowledgeable and highly recommended. Andrew Watson spent two hours thorghlyly inspecting every part of my house and then walked the property with me explaining concerns and priorities. He followed up with a highly detailed report within a day or two. Great experience!

Marcus H.

We had Andrew come out to our newly built home about 2 weeks ago, we were very happy with Andrews professionalism and attention to small details, he even found issues that the county inspector did not find so he is very thorough. We will definitely recommend him to others. Great work and a great guy!

Steve E.

Andrew with Common Concerns Home Inspections definitely knows how to cover the details in an inspection. I will gladly recommend his services to others.

Laurel L.

Andrew was great! Very professional and thorough. I would definitely recommend to anyone buying a home. Explained everything and discussed our concerns.


  • Common Sense and Common Courtesy- We hold ourselves to a higher standard by applying common sense and being courteous to all. This includes the Buyer, Seller, and Agent. We know the little things matter to you, such as wearing boot covers to protect your floors and cleaning up after ourselves. 

  • Precise Timing- We believe that if we are not early, we are late! The seller vacated the premises for the scheduled appointment, while the buyer took time off work to be present for the inspection. The agent may have back to back meetings; there is no reason your home inspector should be late. However, life happens, which may result in a lack of punctuality on our end. This is why we offer an "On Time Promise". Because we hold ourselves to a higher standard, you will be discounted $50 from your inspection price if we arrive late.

  • A Non-Invasive Home Inspection- We will be assessing the condition of your home using visual observations, simple tools, and normal homeowner operational controls. We will then report deficiencies of specific systems and components. However, the home inspection is not technically exhaustive and does not identify concealed conditions or latent defects. Unfortunately, we do not have x-ray vision and currently do not have the ability to predict the future! We follow the Washington State Standards of Practice to ensure each inspection is completed thoroughly, delivering a consistent product each and every time.

  • A Professionally Compiled Report- Verbally communicating the status of your inspection is not enough. You have a lot on your mind and can't be expected to remember every detail you were told during a 2-3 hour inspection. This is why you will be emailed a PDF file containing a detailed home inspection report within 24-48 hours. It will contain basic information including the type of utilities your home uses, as well as descriptions of defects found during the inspection with plenty of corresponding photos.



  • Houses

  • Condos

  • Duplexes, Triplexes, and Fourplexes

  • New Construction

  • Manufactured/Mobile Homes

  • Log Cabins

  • Pre-Listing Inspections

  • Annual Warranty Inspections

  • General Maintance Inspections

All inspections are performed in accordance with the Washington State Standards of Practice.


Andrew Watson, Owner-Operator

Phone: 253-905-7282


Washington State Licensed Home Inspector: #1824

Andrew began working at the age of 15 by helping build his family's new home. His single mother taught him that if you want something badly, it may require building it yourself. She entered the family into a sweat equity program. This involved building their own house, along with 8 other families in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Gig Harbor, WA. For the following year, Andrew and his mother dedicated 40 hours to labor each week, building the nine homes in the neighborhood from the ground up. From setting footing forms, framing walls, and installing siding, they built their own house in a way others only dream of accomplishing. This experience instilled skills into a young man, which has helped shape him into the well rounded person he is today.

Starting out with a low-level management job, he soon began a career in the residential cable installation field. From hanging cable drops to houses, to crawling through attics and crawlspaces, his general construction experience from building homes enabled him to excel. Andrew put in the time to master the job, which led to fields other than installing tv and internet services. From underground cable construction, commercial installations, and installing high quality window film, it became clear that working with his hands was a natural abilty. Andrew applied the knowledge and experience gained from past careers and began inspecting structures from a risk management standpoint for various insurance companies. After feeling as though he had found the perfect way to apply his general knowledge of construction and keen attention to detail, entrepreneurship was the natural progression. Andrew sought out the best training he could find, allowing him a smooth transition into a residential home inspection career. Here, he completed the state requirements for classroom and field training with SGA Inspection Services.

Licensed through the state of Washington, insured with limited liability and errors and omissions insurance, Andrew is applying his past experiences to inspecting homes in the safest, most professional way he can. The ability to be objective, have an eye for detail, and a strong problem solving mindset with the utmost of integrity makes Andrew a perfect representative for, not only Common Concerns, but of the home inspection industry.